All you need is one click to share your bank details through your Digital Visiting Card

When you share your details with the client and they immediately want to purchase your service what do you do?

Everybody needs their work done as quickly as possible with no errors at all!

Your Digital Business Card is not just to share your basic details like contact information and address, it basically is your profile to share EVERY SINGLE DETAIL from start to finish – introduce them to your business via various platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp; show them your best work through your photos and if they like it and want to order something immediately – you got your Bank Details attached to your card. It’s a win-win for both the parties involved.

Share your bank details in a secure way with your customer via your Digital Visiting Business Card

Makemyvisitingcard is your mini pocket that carries all the essentials to stay on top of your sales game. Within a single click, you can send your bank details to anybody. It is fast, easy and secure way to make sure you get your payments as quickly as possible!

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