Traditional Vs Modern Digital Cards

Digital Visiting Card

Digital Business Card vs the Business Card

In today’s fast-paced world, we have gone so far ahead with the technology where people need instant results. The potential customer not only wants the information about the business; but also want to immediately see the work and make a decision about whether the services match his needs. Digital business Card play a major role here.

A traditional visiting card is always a good tool to represent your business. Just like every old thing has a limited boundary; paper business cards can do a limited job to sell your product. Some information that is not available in paper visiting, you can get it via a Digital Business Card.

digital business card
Save the paper and go Digital

Some of the features that are built-in in your Digital Business Card:

Basic Information – Of course, there is no doubt that a paper Visting Card contains basic information. But, people these days prefer the digital business card that come with direct calling features. For instance, Like click to call which helps you get in touch with the vendor. or your location tracking to track the distances between.

Gallery: There is a gallery to upload photos and an introductory video about your business. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is no different. For instance, you are a food photographer, the potential client gets a glimpse of your work immediately and can make a decision of hiring you instantly!

Social Media Shares: You can have all your social media handles on your digital card and with one click they are able to access your profile and get to know you better

Secure Payment: Complete bank details are featured on your Digital Card which allows the customer to place an order with you on the spot!

These are some of the features attached to Digital Card and if you still haven’t changed your mind to switch from a traditional card, we hope our about page helps you learn more about us.

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