Digital Visiting Card

Digital visiting card

Go paperless! Go digital!

A digital visiting card is like a mini-website of your business which integrates all your official links, photos, videos, all the information about you; and also the payment gateways. And it is cost-effective too! You can check for more features here.

In this tech-savvy world go digital even with your business visiting card. Keeping it safe – You don’t have to carry a bunch of paper visiting cards with a risk of them being getting torn. Going digital means your business details are safe; unlike a paper visiting card you can protect it from getting crumply before sharing it with your prospective clients. Thus a digital card, in turn, helps in creating a good first impression as well.

Digital Business Card

Your digital visiting card for your business is your first impression. Thus, you definitely don’t want to miss impressing in your first meet up just because of a crumpled business visiting card. A digital visiting card lets you share your details with a simple link; via whatever medium you want to. in other words, it is a mini business website for your business; with all your deatialsIt is more interactive and personal as a detailed description of your business can be given here.

No excuses – It is a good business etiquette to carry your business visiting card everywhere you go; meet a prospective client. So, to save you from any kind of embarrassment, instead of taking out a wrinkled visiting card, just share a simple link that includes all your details and share it with them. No need to make excuses either for not carrying it with you or for the card not in proper condition.

Digital visiting card in the hands of the right audience!

By sharing your digital visiting card you can be assure yourself that it falls into the hands of the right audience only. Though, do you know most of the business visiting cards are thrown away; as soon as your business is over with them or they don’t need your services. As a result, it is thrown in the trash. So, to protect your business cards from all this wear n tear your best way is to go digital with a digital business card!

Business Visiting Card

The right audience will find you online or you can share your business profile links with them via social media or WhatsApp or Email. And you can connect and network better with the help of a digital visiting card.

Create one for your business now!!

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