Personalized Digital Business Card

digital business card

Do you have a professional website for your business?

Well, if your answer is a NO then your business deserves an online business profile. With the world going digital and everybody searching for businesses online; the digital business website could be a lot of help in reaping the awards for your business. You don’t need to buy a domain and a server or hire a web developer; instead just login to the make my visiting card portal (a digital business card maker) and get a chance to get more visibility on the web in just a few easy steps.

digital business card

So let’s see how a digital business card maker works –

  • Log in to
  • Select your preferred theme from a whole heap of attractive themes we have for you.
  • Edit all your details; like your about section, photos of your product/services, and videos to make it look more attractive. Add all your social media links to your profile.
  • Add a payment gateway for your E-commerce profile.
  • And voila! You’re done.

This is how easy it is to make a professional business card. A digital business card maker helps you set up your online business profile (just like a mini website) and get more visibility and reach online.

Make a mini website in no time with the help of a digital business card maker

One more advantage provided to you by digital business card maker is that you can easily customize the details of the card at any point of time. There will be no wasting of tons of paper to make a slight change in your visiting card.

digital business card
Business digital card

You can share it on your social media accounts where people are active throughout the day & night and will be able to reach more people. A digital profile also comes with an E-Commerce portal for you to market all your products online and a payment gateway for completing the purchases.

A digital visiting card ensures a long connection with your potential client or customer. It keeps you connected with your clients for a longer time. It’s handy and stays with you all the time. You won’t need to get nervous in front of your potential clients looking for your paper visiting card. Instead, just share your link with them, and be in contact for the long run.

Get your professional business card here!!

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